Empowers the individual to find their path to wellness in a collaborative way and to facilitate growth and healing on all levels.


A psychiatric solution which includes healing of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT
that is practiced by a combination of Mind-body medicine and Holistic Integrative psychiatry.
We work in a specialized multidisciplinary team in order to provide the highest level of care,
and to facilitate healing on all levels.


MBChB(Pretoria) MRCPsych(London) FCPsych(SA)
Specialist Psychiatrist
Integrative Psychiatry and Wellness
Women’s Mental Health


Psychological therapy and processing of emotions, trauma, and unresolved cognitive beliefs is an integral part of the road
to wellness.


Body therapies add onto healing process by promoting relaxation, releasing muscle tension and encouraging healing on a holistic level.


The spiritual connection to the Creator is an integral part of healing for many individuals
- Prayer, mindfulness, yoga and the use of Energy medicine principles are some ways in which existential aspect of healing may be accessed.


we specialize in…
Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Highly Sensitive Adolescents
and Adults, Postnatal Depression, Pregnancy Wellness.
We deliver Mental Health care that is more than just a Diagnosis.


Is a solution within psychiatry practice. It involves not only the prescription of psychiatric medication, but a wide variety of holistic treatments. The therapy is adjusted according to the individual’s unique biological, emotional, energetic, environmental and spiritual needs. We provide a multidisciplinary approach to treatment of psychiatric disorders in order to ensure that we treat the whole person in a way that promotes healing and balance within the self.


The intention is to make a shift from disease management to prevention, wellness and wholeness. We place emphasis the complementary combination of the therapeutic relationship and psychiatric care which is scientific and evidence-based. These include: medication, psychotherapy, nutrition, natural supplements, and mind-body techniques like exercise, yoga, massage, mindfulness and Energy medicine principles.


  • When I met Dr Khamissa I found myself in a toxic situation from which I never thought I could escape.
    I had allowed for Bipolar Disorder to become a label that disabled me. I had a mental illness and had to be on chronic medication for the rest of my life. Dr Khamissa helped me to see my disorder as the beautiful gift that it is. I learnt to embrace my sensitivity and complexity. I also learnt to take responsibility for my mental health through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    I learnt that my mental illness can not be controlled by the medication I take alone, but in combination with proper nutrition, exercise, surrounding myself with positive individuals, self-love, self-reflection and proper rest.
    Dr Khamissa changed my life.

    -Jana van Schalkwyk
  • My experience with Dr Khamissa has been wonderful. I have been stable since I began treatment
    with her in 2013. I have had problems with Bipolar Type 1 for over 15 years and finding a doctor that
    understands my needs was always a problem. My treatment began with hospitalisation at Denmar
    in September of 2013 and since then, I can conclusively say that I have only gotten better and better.
    Dr Khamissa is incredibly conservative with medicating and prior to seeking treatment with her, I was
    so incredibly over-medicated. To boot, I was very unwell and my mood was in a constant flux and
    sometimes so severe that I became psychotic. With, Dr Khamissa’s help, I have now been stable for
    four years and managed to significantly wean my medication. Seeking treatment with Dr Khamissa
    was one of the biggest turning points in my life and I could not recommend her highly enough.

    -Caitlin Elwood,
    Blogger, www.risingabovethemadness.com
  • “I travel all the way from Edenvale to visit Dr Khamissa. Dr Khamissa is special because she listens
    to me and trusts my readings of my body. Her holistic view means that she takes into account all
    the processes that make up my experience”

    -Abigail Koch
  • “There is not enough words to describe this wonderful and caring doctor. I've been with Dr Khamissa since 2014. When I first met Dr Khamissa I was suicidal and couldn't escape my own thoughts. She helped me to find peace and beauty in the small stuff in life. She restored my soul, body and mind.
    Dr Khamissa understands my needs and she listens to how I feel and she really do care about it.
    Seeking help from Dr Khamissa was the best thing that I could have done for myself.
    I currently travel all the way from Rustenburg to see Dr Khamissa and I would not want it any other way. She is the best.
    Dr Khamissa is most definitely not a doctor to overdose her patients or give medication that is not REALLY needed.
    She listens to her patients and evaluates the situation very closely, sensitive and professional.
    I would highly recommend Dr Khamissa any day. I just love her. She has really helped me through a lot these last few years and I will be grateful until the end of days.
    Thank you Dr Khamissa for caring”


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Radio Lotus, Cii International and Radio 702

Dr Khamissa regularly features as a guest psychiatrist
on Cii International Radio Station, and has featured in
Mental Health and Psychiatry Awareness campaigns on
Radio 702 and Radio Lotus.


Dr Nazmeera Khamissa has appeared as a guest in talk
shows on iTV on DSTV Channel 347.

Thrive magazine

Dr Nazmeera Khamissa is an Integrative
Psychiatrist on the Panel of Experts as part of the
Thrive magazine team.